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As the world warms up: misinformation spreads; division and inequality are everywhere, it’s a good time, in Science Week, to ask again, what has science achieved?

But this week the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) will remind people that science brings hope, with a fascinating collaboration with street mural artist Jenny McCracken.

McCracken, who has been internationally recognised for her art, will interpret “Reasons to Hope” on a massive piece of artwork which will eventually be displayed on the Science Exchange building.

The project celebrates the 100th edition of Cosmos, Australia’s science magazine.

RiAus is a not-for-profit with a big mission – to spread science and scientific information as key to a better world. It publishes magazines and science news; contributes science education curriculum material to thousands of school teachers; runs Scinema, the international science film festival, and creates public events.

Jenny mccracken with her mural on gulargambone water tower in nsw
Jenny McCracken with her mural on Gulargambone water tower in NSW

Cosmos Magazine, bequeathed to RiAus by its owner Alan Finkel, has reported on global science breakthroughs and failures, controversies and awesome moments, as well as the human side of science – its people, the powerhouse of scientific endeavour since its founding in 2004.

Cosmos Magazine Editor Gail MacCallum says in an uncertain world, hope is a valuable commodity.

“What will the next 20 years bring? There are so many reasons to hope,“ MacCallum says.

“Science is something to be treasured and celebrated. It’s also what scientists commit to every day – puzzling over problems, collecting information, inventing solutions, and working towards a future for all of us that is healthier, smarter and more sustainable.

“It will be science which changes our world. Indeed science is the only thing which can change our world.”

The public are welcome to visit the Science Exchange in Adelaide and watch as McCracken brings “Reasons to Hope” alive.

WHEN: August 14-18, 11am to 3pm

WHERE: The Science Exchange auditorium, at 55 Exchange Place, Adelaide (behind Grenfell Street)

WHAT: FREE live art installation by Australia’s most highly awarded pavement artist Jenny McCracken

We’d also love to hear the things you are hopeful about to help us celebrate the 100th edition of Cosmos Magazine. Tell us below.

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