• Robins’ eyes may have in-built ‘compass’

    Researchers identify protein in the eye of a robin that’s sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field

    Migratory birds have an uncanny ability to orient themselves, finding their way across sometimes thousands of kilomet...

    Birds June 24, 2021
  • Orange-bellied parrots fly free

    Several successes for the critically endangered migratory parrots – one spotted in historic feedi...

    Bird enthusiasts in South Australia’s Coorong region have just spotted an orange-bellied parrot, and heard another on...

    Australia June 14, 2021
  • Putting a price on undiscovered Australian species

    The mission to map Australia’s biodiversity will bring big economic benefits.

    What’s the monetary value of our wildlife? Pretty high, according to Deloitte Access Economics, which has just releas...

    Animals June 2, 2021
  • Duetting wrens sing with telepathic link

    Sound cues cause brain inhibition when it isn’t their turn to sing.

    The great duetters in history may have had more than just musical chemistry: for songbirds, there could even be a lin...

    Biology June 1, 2021
  • Learning from temperature-sensitive bird species

    Studying their response to climate change could help other birds.

    Ethiopia’s White-tailed Swallow and Bush-crow bird species are unique vulnerability to rising temperatures around the...

    Birds May 20, 2021
  • There are about 50 billion birds alive today

    Data from a massive citizen science project is used to estimate global bird numbers.

    An Australian study has set out to measure the number of birds worldwide, returning an estimate of 50 billion – altho...

    Australia May 18, 2021
  • Kiwis don’t like noisy visitors

    Loud sounds can generate abnormal behaviour in iconic birds in captivity.

    The noises people make when visiting kiwis in captivity – such as talking or mobile phones ringing – can upset the ch...

    Birds May 5, 2021
  • You may have missed...

    Stray science stories from last week to cheer up your Monday.

    It’s a boy! In new research from the Australian National University, swift parrot mothers are choosing to hatch th...

    Birds May 3, 2021
  • Songbirds without a song

    Regent honeyeaters lose ability to sing their tune as populations decline.

    What’s a songbird without its song? Sadly, we are finding out. Australian regent honeyeaters are failing to learn ...

    Birds March 17, 2021
  • Birds thrive in the Murray-Darling

    Waterbirds thrive off donated water and traditional water management.

    It’s a Murray-Darling bird-breeding party in the Gayini (Nimmie-Caira) wetlands in south west New South Wales, as bir...

    Birds March 11, 2021
  • Deceptive smells

    Mammal predators can be tricked into leaving vulnerable NZ birds alone.

    It’s not only humans who can be fooled with misinformation to change their choices. Animals can be tricked too, it se...

    Animals March 11, 2021
  • Wily lyrebirds

    The males mimic noisy flocks to boost mating success.

    Males are prone to try anything to get lucky, and lyrebirds seem to have it clinched, according to study published in...

    Birds February 26, 2021
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