• Plastic versus bioplastic | Cosmos Weekly Taster

    Understanding the true costs of “green” packaging.

    This article on bioplastic first appeared in Cosmos Weekly on 8 October 2021. For more stories like this, subscribe t...

    Sustainability October 15, 2021
  • Has our hydrogen future arrived?

    The plan for developing a green hydrogen industry has gone from mud-map to GPS in less than a week.

    Hydrogen has been discussed as the fuel of the future in recent times, with state and federal governments aiming to s...

    Energy October 14, 2021
  • Animal? Vegetable? Now mineral.

    When did the first animal evolve? And would we know it when we saw it?

    All other photos in this story by Ian Connellan. On a hillside just west of the Flinders Ranges, geologist Mary Dr...

    Palaeontology October 13, 2021
  • COVID Frontline: Brazil

    We hear from researcher Gustavo Soares, who was in São Paulo, Brazil, at the start of the pandemic.

    In February 2020, São Paulo had a major street carnival. I lived in the old downtown area, where the most interesting...

    COVID October 11, 2021
  • Ruth Benerito saves cotton

    With the world agog over synthetic fabrics, a chemist and her colleagues ‘smoothed out’ cotton – ...

    In 1938–39, a department store in the United States capital, Washington, DC, featured a “Fabrics of the Future” exhib...

    Chemistry October 10, 2021
  • Conversation

    Scientists rewrite lunar geological history

    Researchers shaved a billion years off the age of the youngest known Moon rocks.

    Volcanic rocks collected from the Moon last year are about two billion years old — a billion years younger than the s...

    Astronomy October 9, 2021
  • What's the deal with placebo pills? | Cosmos Weekly Taster

    “Honest placebo pills” are on the market, but does the science support them?

    This article on the placebo effect first appeared in Cosmos Weekly on 1 October 2021. For more stories like this, sub...

    Medicine October 8, 2021
  • Magazine

    Role models in a time of pandemic

    COVID-19 has brought with it a swathe of decisions and directions about if and when we can be clo...

    This article first appeared in Cosmos Magazine on 4 June 2020, and it has just been announced as the winner of the Fi...

    Health October 8, 2021
  • Data detectives dig into ivermectin studies

    How do we protect COVID science from fishy data?

    The COVID pandemic is a great opportunity for fraudsters. With the desperation for new treatments, a tsunami of ...

    COVID October 7, 2021
  • COVID Frontline: letter from America

    Our US-based science history writer Jeff Glorfeld looks COVID-19 right in the eye, metaphorically...

    A few Fridays ago I went out for lunch with a vaccinated friend. Isn’t that a sign of the times! I don’t describe him...

    COVID October 6, 2021
  • Conversation

    Indigenous knowledge and the persistence of the ‘wilderness’ myth

    Indigenous and local people are now excluded from many areas that require care.

    By Michael-Shawn Fletcher, Lisa Palmer, Rebecca Hamilton, and Wolfram Dressler. According to the Oxford English di...

    Culture October 5, 2021
  • Frederick Banting’s search for insulin

    Canadian Nobel Prize winner led the charge for a treatment for diabetes.

    Frederick Grant Banting’s career in medicine did not get off to an auspicious start. According to the Canadian Enc...

    Health October 3, 2021
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