Ultramarine 2023: Stories from the oceanic frontline

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By Cosmos

Welcome to Ultramarine 2023, our free e-book and audiobook that takes a deep dive into the science seeking to understand and protect our precious marine world. As anyone who’s rolled out of a boat in diving or snorkelling gear into deep water knows, there’s nothing as thrilling as entering the ocean and peering inside it.

Whether in warm tropical waters or the shiver-inducing brine of temperate and lower marine environments, Earth’s oceans and seas brim with life, wonder and mystery. As 2023 ticks to a close, our yearbook showcases some of the stories that have appeared this year under the Ultramarine banner.

We have published some 120 stories with a marine focus over the past nine months; a small selection of those appears in this free yearbook.

Ultramarine 2023 Interactive e-book

The interactive e-book includes links to videos and other content, and can be opened up on full screen. You can download the file via the interactive screen but the interactive functions will no longer work.

A Kindle version is also available to download.

Download Kindle version

Ultramarine 2023 Audiobook

The Ultramarine 2023 audiobook contains nearly three hours of great listening, recorded by a professional audio team. You can listen to the audiobook or download an MP3 file.

Download Audiobook

The Ultramarine project – focussing on research and innovation in our marine environments – is supported by Minderoo Foundation.

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