22 scientists honoured by the AAS

The Australian Academy of Science has just announced their 2021 Fellows, recognising the outstanding contributions of 22 of our nation’s most distinguished scientists.

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Steven Chown on Possession Island 2017. Credit: Charlene Janion-Scheepers.

The Fellows were elected by their peers for ground-breaking research, spanning a range of research areas – from condensed-matter physics to 3D-printed bone techniques to growing qubits for quantum computers.

“These researchers have not only been at the forefront of Australia’s scientific community, but have also been leaders in global science,” says Professor John Shine, the Australian Academy of Science President.

“The 2021 Fellows were elected by their Academy peers after a rigorous evaluation. I warmly congratulate and welcome each Fellow on their election and for their extraordinary contribution to science and society.”

Over the years, Cosmos has reported on the studies of many of the 2021 elected Fellows – for example, the diamond formation research undertaken by Dorrit Jacob, a geochemist at the Australian National University, and the work of Ian Reid from the University of Adelaide on helping robots see their environment.

The Burnet Institute’s Brendan Crabb has extensively researched the poor growth and development of Papua New Guinean children; Mark Dawson from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre has uncovered how cancer in both humans and Tasmanian devils evade the immune system; and UNSW climatologist Andrew Pitman has long explored climate-driven extremes.

In our upcoming Cosmos Briefing on June 10, we will also be speaking to another new Fellow, Monash University’s Steven Chown.

Chown is an ecologist, widely recognised for his work on the nature, complexity and diversity of Antarctic life – and particularly the impacts of environmental change. He’s had over 30 years of field experience in the broader Antarctic region, and is also a leader in science and conservation policy for the Antarctic, serving as the Director of the federally funded research program “Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future”.

Find the full list of 2021 AAS Fellows here.

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