Cosmos Briefing: The Future of Food

A major threat of climate change is compromised food security in the future. With a projected Australian population of 35.9 million in 2050, and rising average temperatures across the nation, how will agricultural science work to feed the future?

Should we lean on gene technology or focus on improving traditional methods?

In our Cosmos Briefing next Thursday, 11th February, we will look behind the science surrounding our future of food security.

Dr Deborah Devis of the Royal Institution of Australia will explore these questions with plant scientist and molecular biologist Professor Rachel Burton and plant breeder and agricultural scientist Dr Angela Pattison.

To join us for the 45-minute session, beginning 3pm AEDT, please register here.

Burton is head of the plant science department and chief investigator of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy at the University of Adelaide. Her research revolves around cereal crops such as barley and Plantago species and their impact on human health.  

Pattison in a research scientist at the Plant Breeding Institute for the University of Sydney. She studies heat tolerance in legumes like chickpeas and has a research interest in economically viable native crops.

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