06 - 12 Aug 2021

  • A just-published study aimed to capture the nuance and complexity of why people don’t comply – or do – with COVID social restrictions. It demonstrated that people’s motivations are many and varied and that the overall picture is rather messy – one of the reasons it proved hard to get media to appreciate the details.

  • Next Big Thing

    Cancer researchers investigating the role of the immune system in the treatment of cancer are in the midst of a golden age of discovery. But Australia’s pioneers in the field are trying to work with one arm effectively tied behind their backs.

  • Ancient Greeks were said to have discovered trigonometry. But Australian detective work gives the kudos to the Babylonians, about a thousand years before Pythagoras.

  • A token of safety

    By Mark Pesce

    Tim Berners-Lee’s sale of the web’s origin code has turned the spotlight again to NFTs as a business, but the technological implications are far more wide-reaching, promising a revolution in code.

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