Issue 21: 10 – 16 September, 2021

The carbon cost of meat; Chronic pain; Poppies tall enough to reach space; Electricity on a microgrid; Collision of mathematics, bus timetables, and particle physics.

Issue 20: 3 – 9 September, 2021

From the frontline of COVID ICU; Australia’s frog apocalypse; hunt for Nazi uranium; Western Green Energy Hub; Next Big Thing in gravitational waves

Issue 18: 20–26 August, 2021

Climate goes to court; Afghanistan’s unclaimable lithium bounty; the next big thing: can your car be hacked?; Australia’s space industry at risk of grounding; IPCC and biodiversity

Issue 17: 13 – 19 August, 2021

The IPCC’s estimation about Pacific Islands; cyber-security; Victoria’s dark-matter mine; VR and pain; geology’s Next Big Thing.

Issue 16: 6 – 12 August, 2021

ASX companies’ path to zero; Babylonian trigonometry; cancer immunotherapy hopes; when good research gets bad reporting; NFTs and the future of coding

Issue 15: 30 July – 5 August, 2021

Modelling the way out of Sydney’s COVID outbreak; Europe’s weapon to achieve zero emissions by 2050; Neil Sims on the next big thing in sustainable aquaculture; archaeology of the Anthropocene; engineering for a COVID-limiting urban future.

Issue 14: 23–29 July, 2021

What Gorgon’s shortfall means for carbon capture; billionaires blast off; Mitra Safavi-Naeini on using physics in the fight against cancer; the age of water; should we keep native animals as pets?

Issue 13: 16–22 July, 2021

International lessons for Australia’s reopening; Starlink’s threat to astronomy’s future; video calls enter the third dimension; new National Park showcases oldest animals on Earth; Claudia Vickers on the synthetic biology revolution.

Issue 12: 9–15 July, 2021

Chipaggedon: why Taiwan’s water matters to us all; Australia’s research mice crisis; A short history of driving on the Moon; Can we enter the mRNA race?; Peter Bailey’s idea for the cities of the future.

Issue 11: 2–8 July, 2021

The path to reopening Australia; Water woes in the Murray-Darling Basin; Studying dementia through sound; Lidia Morawska on how to build to protect against aerosol; Construction embraces an AI future.

Issue 10: 25 June – 1 July, 2021

Barry Jones’ $15billion plan; Science of truffles; Do we need an AI Commissioner?; Silicon chip an atom wide; Geologist Nicholas Flament’s Next Big Thing.