04 - 10 Mar 2022

  • Anti-vax claims are largely recycled but effective in the maelstrom of online information. Now science is looking at ways to ‘pre-bunk’ dangerous theories and disinformation.

  • It’s a multi-million-dollar project, and the best chance yet to bring the Tasmanian tiger back from the abyss. Could de-extinction become a reality? And should it?

  • School of rocks

    By Gretchen Benedix

    How are we here? Why is the Earth the way it is? The way life arose in our solar system remains a fascinating mystery. Beset but not daunted by kangaroo scat, this astrogeologist – an alumna of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute – is piecing together the origins of life on Earth, meteorite by meteorite.

  • Tiny little pest, great big problem

    By Matilda Handsley-Davis

    Fruit fly outbreaks threaten a multi-billion-dollar industry and tens of thousands of jobs. What’s science doing to help?

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