11 - 17 Feb 2022

  • BioCina’s pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, in Adelaide, is Australia’s only internationally certified microbial fermentation operation – and a lesson in keeping it clean. So how do they do it? Cosmos got an exclusive look inside the facility and a walk through the precise steps of using bacteria to make medicine.

  • The growing burden of autoimmune diseases and worrying lifestyle trends has researchers looking for better treatment options for both rare and common illnesses.

  • The science of sadness

    By Deborah Johanson

    How can science experimentally explore emotion? And why does it need to? Research into sadness reveals traits that reach to the core of human experience and evolution – and it’s not all sad news.

  • Next Big Thing

    A medical researcher’s own cancer diagnosis prompted a re-evaluation of her own career goals – and could lead to the “next big thing” in improving Australians’ health.

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