21 - 27 Jan 2022

  • Cracking open the code

    By Ellen Phiddian

    AI that struggles to recognise darker skin; databases that don’t accept name changes – both are the result of the assumptions written into the code. Getting a different viewpoint’s not just a worthy idea; it’s critical to our software-driven future. One Australian software company is trying to switch things up to achieve just that.

  • Volunteer firefighters put their lives on the line to protect us. What research is being done to protect them?

  • Drones for good

    By Catherine Ball

    Remote vessels are familiar in  recreation and detection, but their potential for positive impact is limited only by imagination. Registering optimal harvest times; autonomously extinguishing spot fires; and analysing oil spills from air, water and below are just some of the possibilities being explored.

  • Earthquakes, and the tsunamis they trigger, are a major threat to coastal communities around the world. Now scientists are planting sensors at the bottom of the world’s oceans to help predict catastrophe.

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