19 - 25 Nov 2021

  • The response to COVID in Australia and New Zealand has largely been informed by science, but the outcome of lockdowns and other social distancing measures is all about human emotion. Aussies and Kiwis probably imagine they’ve had similar experiences. Not so much, as it turns out.

  • Two new advances – Copilot and MT-NLG – show signs that the promise of AI is upon us: taking care of the boring bits of our lives, so we can do the interesting stuff.

  • There are big expectations for soil carbon sequestration’s role in capturing and storing atmospheric carbon. Are our hopes well founded, or are we destined for disappointment?

  • Next Big Thing

    Redlining the robots

    By Simon Chesterman

    Advanced robotics are more than science fiction: the world needs to create an alliance to ensure that the weaponisation of artificial intelligence is prohibited.

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