Book: Hurricane Fever

A thrilling, action-packed mystery set on the high seas of a world transformed by climate change. Cat Sparks reviews.

Hurricane Fever
Tobias S. Buckell
Del Rey (2014), RRP 25.45

Prudence “Roo” Jones is a retired spy, hanging out in the Caribbean on his high-tech catamaran, Spitfire II, raising his orphaned nephew Delroy.

His catamaran is fitted with cool innovations including a 3-D printer with a supply of raw feed plastic and a “meat still” where steaks are grown from an original sample by feeding seawater to microbes.

Welcome to the near future, a climate-changed world where the seas are rising and people are adjusting accordingly. The rich hurricane chasers from Europe fly in to party aboard luxury yachts, enjoying the storms’ magnificence and fury.
Roo and Delroy are heading for shelter to weather tropical storm Makila when Roo receives a mysterious phone call from Zee, his old roommate from spy training days in London: “If you’re getting this message from me, it means I’m dead.”

His posthumous instructions lead to a Tortola post office box for a dead man’s drop when a woman turns up claiming to be Kit Barlow, Zee’s sister. Only Zee never had a sister…

Author Tobias Buckell was born in the Caribbean and grew up in Grenada and the Virgin Islands. Hurricane Fever is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller rich in authentic Caribbean detail.

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