Exploring the meaning of a post-human world

Melbourne event echoes the spirit of Frankenstein.

Dr Frankenstein and his monster, still inspiring people two centuries on.
Dr Frankenstein and his monster, still inspiring people two centuries on.
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The Australian state of Victoria invites you to attend Humans 2.0, the focal point of its National Science Week festival, on August 15, at Flinders Event Space in the city of Melbourne.

National Science Week is an annual event, sponsored by the Federal Government and a range of other benefactors, including Cosmos.

Humans 2.0 draws inspiration from the science fiction masterpiece, Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley. First published in 1818, it has been continuously in print for 200 years.

The organisers of the show implore attendees to consider what it will mean to be human in the coming century. To aid thought processes, there are opportunities to interact with AI, become immersed in an augmented reality experience, and play with high-tech prototypes.

In addition, you can hear about what the future holds in terms of communications, transportation and sports from experts in the field, and even pose your own questions to them.

There are other issues that will be discussed, such as humanity’s place is in a mechanised world, how to develop sustainable communities of the future, and the best way to feed the growing population.

So, come along to this free event and immerse yourself in science. Register here.

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