Does Australia have a secret weapon for the Asian Cup?

Performance of Asian Cup host nations compared to the host’s previous best tournament results.

How rich or large a country is has no bearing on its potential success in a big football tournament like the World Cup. But hosting the event gives a big advantage, econometricians at PriceWaterhouseCoopers have discovered.

Stephen Woocock at The Conversation writes:

Quite how strong an impact the tournament location has is perhaps surprising. Looking at the FIFA World Cup, of 21 host nations (20 tournaments with one co-hosted by two nations), a staggering 17 hosts equalled or bettered their previous best performance. Relative heavyweight nations France and England have lifted the trophy only once each, on both occasions on home soil.

The findings will give hope to Australia's Soccerroos in the 2015 Asian Cup on home turf.

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