BMW trials Google Glass to record workers' movements

Quality testers at BMW are trialling Google Glass to record their procedures to analyse how they might be improved.

Carmaker BMW is running a pilot project with workers using Google Glass to record their workflows, with a view to improving quality control and processes.

The high-tech specs take photos or videos of the work as it is done to document potential deviations from normal practice and a means to review and analyse procedures.

The project is being carried out at BMW's US plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

If it improves communications between quality testers and the analysts, then it could be rolled out in other production areas and sites.

The project is an part of the BMW Group’s current Industry 4.0 campaign, set up to evaluate how new technologies can be applied to provide optimum support to workers in production and production planning.

The company's media release about the trial can be found here.

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