A drone, a GoPro and a volcano - a stunning video from Iceland

The quadcopter hovers in the eerie glow of the volcano
Eric Cheng

A tip of our hat to Wired for pointing out this amazing video that shows what you can do with a quadcopter, a GoPro and a volcano.

The footage was taken by Eric Cheng, director of aerial imaging for drone maker DJI, joined photographer Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson over the eruption site in the Bardarbunga volcanic system.

So close was the encounter that when the drone returned the GoPro had melted, wrecking the camera but leaving the memory card unharmed.

The melted camera after its drone flight over the Bardarbunga volcanic system.
Eric Cheng

The morning after he got the shot, Cheng says, the caldera wall broke, flooding the area where he was standing with lava. Cheng tells the whole story in the video below.

Wired has his whole dramatic story here.

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