South Australia: front runner in green hydrogen marathon

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Everyone wants a slice of the hydrogen market – but will the enthusiasm in the Festival State keep it ahead? New by Clare Peddie at Cosmos Weekly:

The “green hydrogen” process, which promises to replace greenhouse gas emissions, is focussing the minds of scientists, environmentalists, industry and transport. Oh, and politicians. It’s really exciting politicians.

But political promises can’t be counted on to create industry. Where is Australia’s hydrogen industry at present, and where is it going?

Early adopters

South Australia was first off the blocks in the race to develop a green hydrogen industry and arguably retains the national lead.

But the contest is heating up, with more than 100 hydrogen projects around Australia.

There’s also global competition for emerging export markets, with multiple entrants in this new high-stakes game of risk and reward.

Claiming the first mover advantage

SA Labor’s “Hydrogen Jobs Plan” is often described as “ambitious.” But the technology exists, it’s just a matter of scale.

With $593 million in capital funding, the government will build, own and operate a green hydrogen power plant that uses excess renewable energy to split water.

It’s a way to store surplus solar and wind power for later use. That could be days, weeks or even months later, much longer than mere hours in a battery.

There’s also potential for export, “shipping sunshine” (and wind) to Japan, South Korea, Europe and south-east Asia.

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