Electrici-wee? Getting energy from wastewater

Could we ever use urine to power batteries? An international team of chemists have come a step closer with a new catalyst for urea reactions. “Urea is globally abundant in wastewater and can be used to power fuel cells as an alternative to conventional technology, which uses clean water in an electrolyser,” explains Yao Zheng, … Continue reading Electrici-wee? Getting energy from wastewater

Explainer: Wastewater

COVID-19 detections in wastewater have been making headlines for the past 12 months – including this week in Melbourne.  Prior to the pandemic, our wastewater was sampled and tested for a variety of reasons – including to monitor the environment, look for other viruses, and track illicit drugs. Those activities are all still happening, alongside … Continue reading Explainer: Wastewater

Tiny parasite could solve wastewater problem

Scientists from La Trobe University in Melbourne have discovered a tiny parasite that can kill the bacteria responsible for causing costly and hazardous problems in wastewater treatment plants. Treatment plants are often plagued by foam created by certain bacteria, explains lead researcher Steve Petrovski, a molecular biologist at La Trobe. “One particular bacterium – Gordonia … Continue reading Tiny parasite could solve wastewater problem