The night parrot rangers

A few weeks ago, a group of Martu rangers working with Indigenous organisation Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa caught sight of the elusive night parrot. Fewer than 30 people have seen a live night parrot this century, making this sighting – on Martu country, in northern Western Australia – a rare and exciting event. One of the rangers … Continue reading The night parrot rangers

Cute critter alert: watch a tardigrade go for a walk

A tardigrade goes for a walk on 50 kPa gel, sagittal view. It’s not every day you get to watch a tardigrade go for a stroll on its eight stubby legs. Luckily, new research has captured their walk on video – and it’s adorable. Known for their incredible toughness, these tiny creatures are able to … Continue reading Cute critter alert: watch a tardigrade go for a walk

These acrobatic squirrels deserve a gold medal

It might seem like these acrobatic squirrels are practising for their Olympic long jump debut, but they are really part of a study to answer a simple question: how do squirrels know when to take the leap? Researchers, led by Robert Full and Nathaniel Hunt of the University of California, captured slow motion footage of … Continue reading These acrobatic squirrels deserve a gold medal

Driving on the Moon

Nearly obscured by earlier Moon landings – especially Apollo 11 – Apollo missions 15, 16 and 17 had the most significant scientific and exploration return of all their predecessors. Their astronauts stayed longer on the Moon and went further to collect samples and conduct experiments – courtesy of the remarkable lunar roving vehicle, LRV. These … Continue reading Driving on the Moon

Video platforms normalise exotic pets

By Kelly Brown Researchers at the University of Adelaide are concerned video sharing platforms such as YouTube could be contributing to the normalisation of exotic pets and encouraging the exotic pet trade. In a study, published in PLOS One , researchers analysed the reactions of people to videos on YouTube involving human interactions with exotic animals and … Continue reading Video platforms normalise exotic pets

The future of health care

Dr Deborah Devis discusses precision health care with Dr Mileidy Giraldo. According to Mileidy Giraldo, Lenovo’s Global Lead of Life Sciences, high processing computing and AI, personalised, precision health care “is a way of delivering patient care by tailoring treatments and medical decisions to the individual”. Currently, much of our healthcare is based on the … Continue reading The future of health care