• How close did the Nazis come to building an atomic bomb?

    It could have changed the outcome of World War II. Now scientists are using modern technology in ...

    Nearly eight decades ago, when Allied forces and Nazi Germany were locked in mortal combat in World War II, American ...

    Chemistry September 3, 2021
  • How to determine if 'Nazi uranium' is real or fake

    Pinpointing the provenance of uranium cubes linked to German WWII nuclear program.

    Scientists looking for ways to determine the sources of illicit nuclear materials have applied a method better known ...

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  • The hunt for WWII German uranium

    The legacy of the Nazis’ last experiments continues to baffle.

    Two US physicists turned super-sleuths are trying to solve a World War II mystery involving two types of power – poli...

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  • Uranium: the element of surprise

    Role for uranium in producing plastics & pharmaceuticals.

    Uranium may be good for something more than nuclear fireworks, according to new research that offers it a novel role:...

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  • Uranium – desired and feared

    Bill Condie reviews the documentary Uranium: Twisting the dragon's tail.

    Derek Muller, documentary presenter, wears protective clothing as he walks through the deserted streets of Fukushima,...

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