Why do teapots dribble?

Nothing ruins a tea party more than dripping tea on a pretty tablecloth. You would think that it’s possible to prevent teapots from dripping, but the fluid dynamics of the tea spout is fiendishly complicated, and it’s not easy to predict or control. In fact, the “teapot effect”, describing the way tea drips from the … Continue reading Why do teapots dribble?

What causes the oily film on black tea?

If you’re a black tea fan, you may have noticed the thin, oily film that sometimes forms on the top of the drink. Why does this happen? According to new research, the answer lies not only with the chemistry of the tea, but its physics: specifically, its fluid dynamics. The oily film on black tea … Continue reading What causes the oily film on black tea?

Tea from a different kind of silver

Tea aficionados will tell you that you should never heat the water in a microwave, because the resulting brew just doesn’t brew right. The answer may be to add silver plating to your glass or cup – for function rather than style. But it’s complicated. First, to the core of the problem, as explained by … Continue reading Tea from a different kind of silver