A slice of the semiconductor market

In the world of manufacturing, small has fast become large, with the sales of semiconductors reaching US$439 billion across the world last year. That equates to the production of nearly 300 billion semiconductor chips, or about 40 chips for every person on the planet. Australia is no more than a bit player in this massive … Continue reading A slice of the semiconductor market

Cosmos Briefing: the Semiconductor Shortage

Global semiconductor industry sales were $439.0 billion in 2020. China has called chip independence a top national priority in its latest five-year plan, while U.S. President Joe Biden has vowed to build a secure American supply chain by reviving domestic manufacturing. Even the European Union is mulling measures to make its own chips. Given our … Continue reading Cosmos Briefing: the Semiconductor Shortage

You may have missed…

Moths vs bats: moths use sound to thwart bat attacks Who would win in a bat-moth fight? A new study has found that moths have more of a leg-up than previously thought, because their wings are structured to mess up the echolocation of bats. Researchers from the University of Bristol have found that the wingtips … Continue reading You may have missed…

Where do you go when the chips are down? Why Taiwan’s water supply matters to us all

TAIWAN LEADS THE WORLD in semiconductor manufacturing, with a single company – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) – accounting for an astonishing 55% of the world’s sales by revenue. That number alone confirms TSMC as the central player in the manufacture of the integrated circuit chips at the heart of the world’s modern computer processors … Continue reading Where do you go when the chips are down? Why Taiwan’s water supply matters to us all

Chipageddon: the coming sequel

The global semiconductor shortage is wreaking havoc on industries from handheld electronics to car making. There is a web of complex economic, social and environmental reasons behind it – depending on where you read your news, it could be attributed to a combination of the pandemic, increased demand for supply, just-in-time manufacturing practices, Sino-US tensions … Continue reading Chipageddon: the coming sequel