Listen up: the sound of science

Worried about an aging relative with dementia, or a friend suffering from mental illness? New help may be on its way from physicists studying sound – how we produce it, and how we interact with it. Researchers say it should soon be possible to produce apps that use the science of sound to monitor mental … Continue reading Listen up: the sound of science

COVID Booster

Schizophrenia and risk factor for COVID-19 death A new study has shown that schizophrenia is the second biggest risk factor after age for COVID-19 death. The researchers, led by a team from New York University (NYU) Grossman School of Medicine, US, say the risk cannot be explained by other factors that often accompany mental health … Continue reading COVID Booster

Would you hallucinate for science?

Studying hallucinations is tricky business, and it can be distressing for people with conditions such as schizophrenia or dementia who have them. Cognitive neuroscientists say they can get around this by inducing hallucinations on demand in people from the general population. Hallucinations “can be induced in almost anyone at any time”, they write in an … Continue reading Would you hallucinate for science?