• Aww, rats: Australian research rodents prove to be poor earners

    Australia’s primary supplier of rodents for scientific research is closing down in a couple of ye...

    The most expensive rat on the menu at the Animal Resources Centre (ARC), in Western Australia, costs $872.13. The pri...

    Biology July 9, 2021
  • Of mice and media

    Papers with “mice” in the title receive less media attention – but more accurate coverage.

    A study in PLOS Biology has spotted a link between studies on mice and their media coverage: when the paper omits “mi...

    News June 17, 2021
  • You may have missed...

    Stray stories from last week to brighten your Monday.

    New dinosaur named ‘the one who causes fear’The discovery of a new dinosaur has been published in the Journal of ...

    Animals April 5, 2021
  • You may have missed…

    Stray science stories from last week to cheer up your Monday.

    Last week featured a wide range of stories that either made us smile or have a little giggle. We’ve rounded a few of ...

    Animals February 1, 2021
  • A mouse’s brain, mapped out

    It’s hi-tech, but still a manual process.

    After three years of data gathering and drawing, the third iteration of the Allen Mouse Brain Common Coordinate Frame...

    Animals May 8, 2020
  • The emotional lives of mice

    Machine learning detects distinct feelings from facial expressions.

    Cartoonists have captivated generations by humanising mice, from the enigmatic Mickey Mouse and charming Stuart Littl...

    Animals April 6, 2020
  • For better research, let mice be mice

    A more natural way of raising them will improve results.

    The humble mouse finds itself in thousands of laboratories across the world, where it is used to investigate everythi...

    Animals November 3, 2019
  • Similar brains but with differences

    That may be why mouse studies don’t always tell the right story.

    The most detailed study of its kind has found human brains are remarkably similar to mouse brains. But it also found ...

    Biology August 25, 2019
  • Space travel may prompt cartilage damage

    Mouse sent into orbit returned with significant deterioration.

    Space travel may be bad for your joints, research indicates.Mice that spent a month aboard a Russian spacecraft sho...

    Space May 26, 2019
  • Rethink mouse experiment protocols

    Embracing variability in lab mice could improve test outcomes.

    Using mutant mice to find treatments for devastating diseases such as Alzheimer’s has failed, but that could change b...

    Medicine May 22, 2019
  • Accidental outcomes tell a tale of mouse tails

    Two labs made the same unexpected but valuable discovery. Nick Carne reports.

    X-rays of control and FoxD1-LIN28B-induced animal from the Harvard study.Robinton et alIn science, sometimes things j...

    Biology January 17, 2019
  • Father's nicotine use affects future generations

    Mouse study implicates epigenetic changes in paternal sperm DNA. Nick Carne reports.

    As if we needed more reasons not to smoke, a new study suggests a father's exposure to nicotine may cause cognitive d...

    Biology October 16, 2018
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