Insulin may benefit from working at a snail’s pace

New diabetes treatments may be based around making human insulin that acts more quickly by being more snail-like. Australian and US researchers have developed a modified form of insulin, called Mini-Ins, that mimics the fast-acting venomous insulin produced by predatory marine cone snails. It has demonstrated significant promise in laboratory models, rapidly lowering blood sugar … Continue reading Insulin may benefit from working at a snail’s pace

‘Ultra-fast’ insulin from snail venom

Poisonous marine snail (Conus geographus) with toxic proboscis cone extended. Credit: Jeff Rotman / Getty Images Venom from a marine cone snail contains fast-acting insulin that could be used to treat diabetes in humans. Type 1 diabetes is treated with injections. Currently, rapid-acting insulin starts working in just 10-20 minutes, but diabetes patients face the … Continue reading ‘Ultra-fast’ insulin from snail venom