People chose the coast during the big chill

Excavations on South Africa’s southeast coast have uncovered evidence of persistent human occupations from the end of the last Ice Age 35,000 years ago. Importantly, the scientists say, this includes the period of the Last Glacial Maximum, which lasted from 26,000 to 19,000 years ago, highlighting the complex transitions that were necessary to survive wide … Continue reading People chose the coast during the big chill

Prehistoric flies trapped in amber

There’s bad days, and then there’s this. Around 41 million years ago, two prehistoric flies on the southern tip of Gondwana were happily mating away when they found themselves in a sticky situation. Unfortunately for the amorous pair of long-legged flies (Dolichopodidae), they found themselves stuck in the resin of a tree while getting frisky, … Continue reading Prehistoric flies trapped in amber

Gondwana in amber

An international team of palaeontologists has discovered an assortment of intact amber fossils in the Southern Hemisphere that date from the mid-Paleogene to the Late Triassic, 40 to 230 million years ago, reporting their find in the Nature journal Scientific Reports. The discovery includes southern Gondwana’s earliest fossil record of diverse groups of animals, plants and microorganisms, according to first … Continue reading Gondwana in amber