global sea level rise

  • So long Sydney Opera House, bye bye Buckingham Palace

    Ahead of COP26, a new visualisation tool shows global landmarks under different carbon emission s...

    A new study uses extensive global elevation data to predict what familiar places around the world will look like in y...

    Climate October 21, 2021
  • Ice loss up

    Comprehensive survey finds global melt increasing at record rate.

    Study after study has shown that Earth is losing its glacial and polar ice. Previous research has focussed on specifi...

    Climate January 27, 2021
  • Partner Content

    Ice sheet melt increased sea levels by 3+ metres

    Future ice melt is heading far beyond anything we’ve seen.

    Mass ice melt of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet was a major cause of high sea levels during a period Last Interglacial ...

    ASC Edits February 12, 2020
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