gamma detectors

  • Tanks for the space memories

    Backyard-style water tanks to detect highest-energy gamma rays in a pioneer southern hemisphere p...

    Every day, the Earth is bombarded by gamma rays travelling all the way from the depths of space. These rays, in the f...

    Astronomy November 4, 2021
  • Live prawns and gamma detectors

    Powerful insights into the health of aquatic ecosystems.

    Some research subjects can be very uncooperative. When Tom Cresswell started studying freshwater prawns to assess whe...

    Biology January 12, 2015
  • Dating the ancient past in tiny bites

    Carbon dating has revealed ancestors were adept dentists.

    A dusty old piece of ancient human jawbone, stored for more than a century in a museum in Trieste, Italy, has given a...

    Archaeology January 12, 2015
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