gaia space telescope

  • Which alien stars can see Earth?

    A new catalogue identifies thousands of nearby stars that could spot Earth’s transit across our Sun.

    US astronomers have identified over a thousand nearby star systems that would have been in the right position to view...

    Astronomy June 24, 2021
  • Rethinking the Milky Way’s evolution

    Telescopes combine to reveal orbits of ancient stars.

    An investigation into the odd orbits of the galaxy’s oldest stars may prompt astronomers to rethink how the Milky Way...

    Astronomy November 18, 2020
  • AI and Gaia help identify 2000 young stars

    Scientists hope to find clues to galaxy’s origins.

    European scientists say an artificial intelligence system analysing data from the Gaia space telescope has identified...

    Astronomy June 5, 2020
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