Mapping floods on every street in the world

Accurate, street-level data on flooding risk is tremendously useful when preparing for natural disasters. But this data can be very hard to come by, especially in poorer nations. Enter the World Flood Mapping Tool, a new site developed by the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH). The tool contains detailed 3D … Continue reading Mapping floods on every street in the world

Cause determined for India’s deadly disaster

An international coalition of 53 scientists has determined the cause, scope and effects of the devastating natural disaster that rocked northern India earlier this year, bringing attention to the increasing risks in the Himalayas due to climate change and development. On 7 February 2021, a flood of water and winter debris barrelled down the Ronti … Continue reading Cause determined for India’s deadly disaster

Cosmos Q&A: NSW flooding

NSW is currently experiencing severe flooding events, after a weekend of heavy rainfall saw flood and evacuation warnings and bulletins issued in several regions along the full length of the state’s east coast. In the Sydney region, extreme rainfall caused the Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers to swell and Warragamba Dam, which contains the city’s main … Continue reading Cosmos Q&A: NSW flooding

Flash-flood phenomena found

New research has explained the drivers of extreme precipitation events around the globe. Extreme precipitation events (EPEs) cause destructive flooding around the world each year. In the tropics, the atmospheric processes that cause them were well known – they’re mostly associated with cyclones. But the mechanisms that form EPEs in dry subtropical regions are less … Continue reading Flash-flood phenomena found

Himalayan disaster explained

A devastating flood last week on the upper reaches of the Rishi Ganga River, in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand, is a stark warning of the hazards of hydropower development under the dual threats of climate change and young, unstable mountains, scientists said last Friday in a webinar hosted by the The Earth Institute at Columbia … Continue reading Himalayan disaster explained