Olympic cardboard beds win a silver medal

The world’s best athletes are always the focus at Olympics, but this year in Tokyo they’ve been almost outperformed across social media by…cardboard beds. Across video platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, athletes in the Olympic village took to making short videos of themselves testing the durability of their beds. @ilonamaher Testing out the cardboard … Continue reading Olympic cardboard beds win a silver medal

Anthropocene: Lessons from the past

The Anthropocene marks relentless and increasingly grave environmental degradation as the Earth faces tipping points for climate change, biodiversity and survival. To address these ills, scientists say we can learn valuable lessons from the past. “As our planet emerges into a new epoch in which humans dominate the Earth system, it is imperative that societies … Continue reading Anthropocene: Lessons from the past

China’s approach to conservation

In the wake of an apocalyptic bushfire season, Australia’s land management and environmental policies have been thrust back into the spotlight. With conversations around how we could better manage our land, and our environmental impact heating up, there’s a suggestion we could learn some lessons from an unlikely country: China. While the world’s most populous … Continue reading China’s approach to conservation

Want to help with bushfire recovery?

Forget Instagram – citizen scientists are being urged to use their mobile phones for a good cause: to monitor the recovery of bushfire-affected plants and animals. The images will be used by the Environment Recovery Project which will inform future research. Anyone in fire-affected areas of Australia can participate, no matter their scientific knowledge or camera … Continue reading Want to help with bushfire recovery?

Hemp is set to become the next big thing.

Since nations like the U.S. and Australia have lifted their bans on growing hemp, a revolution is brewing. Innovators are taking up the gauntlet to cultivate this versatile plant for a medley of biodegradable materials including plastic polymers, building products, fabrics, wood, biofuel, paper and even car components. Hemp has been used for thousands of … Continue reading Hemp is set to become the next big thing.