Electrical engineering

  • Helping keep computer chips cool

    Integrated system proves effective and power-efficient.

    When it comes to computer chips, smaller is better. Manufacturers are continually trying to shrink their size and pac...

    Computing September 10, 2020
  • Engineering the Square Kilometre Array

    Square Kilometre Array creates unique engineering challenges.

    The largest, most powerful telescope ever conceived – the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), is going to have over a hundr...

    ASC Edits February 26, 2019
  • Breakthrough for quantum computers

    Quantum computing in silicon has moved a step closer to becoming a reality. Cathal O'Connell ...

    Andrea Morello at work. The computer he and his team are trying to build would use silicon chips not dissimilar to th...

    Technology April 27, 2015
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