deep brain stimulation

  • Biohacking: future tense

    What on earth is brainjacking, and should you be worried about it? It depends…

    “Let’s just burn your mind out”. It’s December 2020 and Laurie Pycroft is pumped. The noir, hyperviolent and futurist...

    Body and Mind April 30, 2021
  • Brain stimulation needs to be precise

    Researchers identify areas linked to impulsive behaviour.

    Australian researchers have identified areas of the brain they believe are linked to negative side effects from deep ...

    Health June 24, 2020
  • In two minds over decoding brainwaves

    Keeping your thoughts to yourself is getting harder.

    Mind-reading machines are now real, prising open yet another Pandora’s box for ethicists. As usual, there are promise...

    Biology June 24, 2018
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