ASEAN nations join forces to imagine the “next big things”

What will the South-East Asian region look like in 2040? What are the big drivers of change happening now? The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the need for future preparedness like never before. Like well-practised regions such as Europe, the ASEAN region is now building foresight capacity so it can build a shared vision of the … Continue reading ASEAN nations join forces to imagine the “next big things”

Driven by data

Early in winter we talked to high performance managers at the Port Adelaide Football Club (PAFC) and their external collaborators – the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics – about the innovative blood biomarker research the footy club had undertaken during pre-season training, as part of implementing sports science into AFL. With the AFL finals just around … Continue reading Driven by data

The big data storage question

Data is being created at a breakneck speed, and researchers have their hands full trying to figure out what to do with it. Though many think of data as a virtual entity, it must be physically stored in data centres around the world. Currently, the total amount of data worldwide is on the order of … Continue reading The big data storage question

Dancing with data

Distributing our intelligence into the world via chips, silicon sensors and displays has transformed previously inanimate objects into devices with which we have a new kind of relationship. Manufactured by the billion, they have grown closer to us, ever more a part of us, and – just as we once transformed them – they have … Continue reading Dancing with data

Digging your own digital grave

Throughout our lifetimes we consume, collate, curate, host and produce a staggering quantity of data – some by our own hand, some by others on our behalf, and some without our knowledge or consent. Collectively, our “digital footprints” represent who we are and who we were. Our digital legacies are immortal and can impact those … Continue reading Digging your own digital grave

World internet speed record shattered

More so now than ever before, we’re relying on the internet to keep us working, studying and entertained from the safety of our homes. And while Australia’s internet may not be top notch at the moment, a new discovery could one day see us shift to world-leaders in internet speed. But it’s not just Netflix … Continue reading World internet speed record shattered

The healing power of data

When you’re in a medical emergency, you don’t typically think of calling a statistician. However, the COVID-19 outbreak has shown just how necessary a clear understanding of data and modelling is to help prevent the spread of disease. One person understood this a long time ago. Were she alive today, Florence Nightingale would understand the … Continue reading The healing power of data

Coupling big data and conservation

The “big data revolution” offers an unprecedented opportunity to better chart environmental degradation and inform global conservation and sustainability, according to a commentary in the journal Nature Communications. But to harness this potential, big data outputs need to be better integrated with the international conservation process, says lead author Rebecca Runting, from the University of Melbourne, Australia. New … Continue reading Coupling big data and conservation

Do you know where your online data is?

With our personal data constantly gathered and analysed, it’s the grim reality that the internet knows you better than you know yourself. As technology follows our patterns, in turn, it can predict our behaviour. “To understand someone, it’s not to ask what they think, it’s to observe their behaviours. You observe a pattern and patterns … Continue reading Do you know where your online data is?