Maths, encryption, and quantum computing

Are you worried about someone listening into your calls, reading your emails, or watching your video chats? You’re not alone. The internet has changed the face of communication and how communication can be stolen, spied upon or manipulated, and it always gets harder to protect ourselves as technology evolves. This becomes even more difficult as … Continue reading Maths, encryption, and quantum computing

Like catching smoke: can we stop a cyberwar?

Cyberattacks across the world are surging, with a new report from Accenture Security highlighting a 125% increase in such cyber intrusions across the first half of 2021. But according to a cyber expert and former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, these known attacks are likely to be just a proportion of the actual activity. “We … Continue reading Like catching smoke: can we stop a cyberwar?

Cybersecurity: The war online

Cybersecurity – the suite of practices used to protect digital assets and information – is regularly in the news, through stories about cyber threats such as ransomware and spyware attacks, and foreign actors hacking into critical systems. Do cyber threats mean that computers are our weakest boundary fences – as individuals, companies/institutions, and nations – … Continue reading Cybersecurity: The war online

Spyware unplugged

A major investigation conducted by news organisations has found that governments around the world may have been spied on by a malicious software called Pegasus. The software was developed by an Israeli company, NSO Group, and sold to government clients, but the spyware that came with it may have targeted journalists, politicians, government officials and human rights activists. It … Continue reading Spyware unplugged