Across the Metaverse

Have you heard about the “metaverse”? It’s the next new thing, according to Facebook founder-and-CEO-for-life Mark Zuckerberg. “Think about the metaverse as an embodied internet, where instead of just viewing content, you are in it,” he said recently as he announced the formation of a metaverse product group within the trillion-dollar social media colossus. So … Continue reading Across the Metaverse

What is ransomware and how is it dealt with?

What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malicious software – AKA malware – that infects and takes control of a device. It blocks access to files or even whole devices, and then sends a message demanding a ransom to grant access to those files. This is a common form of cybercrime that has recently … Continue reading What is ransomware and how is it dealt with?

Cybercrime can be a tough game

By Roberto Musotto, Edith Cowan University, and David Wall, University of Leeds New research is questioning the popular notion that cybercriminals can make millions of dollars from the comfort of home — and without much effort. Our paper, published in the journal Trends in Organised Crime, suggests offenders who illegally sell cybercrime tools to other … Continue reading Cybercrime can be a tough game

Digging your own digital grave

Throughout our lifetimes we consume, collate, curate, host and produce a staggering quantity of data – some by our own hand, some by others on our behalf, and some without our knowledge or consent. Collectively, our “digital footprints” represent who we are and who we were. Our digital legacies are immortal and can impact those … Continue reading Digging your own digital grave

People with an ability we don’t understand

Super recognisers – or people with uncanny abilities to match images of unknown faces with their real-life owners – are increasingly being relied upon by security agencies and in courts of law. But law enforcement and security agencies should be cautious about deferring to the judgment of a super recogniser on questions of identity, says … Continue reading People with an ability we don’t understand