covid-19 frontline

  • COVID Frontline: Letter from Auckland

    The response to COVID in Australia and New Zealand has largely been informed by science, but the ...

    I own a busy main street café in an affluent suburb of Auckland with my husband, his sister, and her husband.On 2...

    COVID November 19, 2021
  • COVID Frontline: breakthrough infection ends with a whimper

    The thankfully dull end to a case of COVID-19.

    When I first told my work colleagues of my COVID positive, our Editor-in-Chief thought one thing: diary! I duly penne...

    COVID November 1, 2021
  • COVID Frontline: A breakthrough infection and a lockdown lifts

    An update on a breakthrough COVID infection in Melbourne.

    As detailed in the previous instalment, after a couple of days I considered myself the textbook case of a fully vacci...

    COVID October 24, 2021
  • COVID Frontline: What’s it like to get a Moderna booster?

    Jeff Glorfeld takes us through the cleaning-products aisle to a COVID-19 booster shot.

    On 17 September, CNN published an online story with the heading: “Moderna’s vaccine is the most effective, but Pfizer...

    COVID October 19, 2021
  • COVID Frontline: Getting COVID in a lockdown city

    Our correspondent has just been diagnosed with a breakthrough COVID infection in Melbourne.

    So on Tuesday I got a text: Your COVID test is POSITIVE.That’s how I became only the second person I know well wh...

    COVID October 17, 2021
  • COVID Frontline: Brazil

    We hear from researcher Gustavo Soares, who was in São Paulo, Brazil, at the start of the pandemic.

    In February 2020, São Paulo had a major street carnival. I lived in the old downtown area, where the most interesting...

    COVID October 11, 2021
  • COVID Frontline: letter from America

    Our US-based science history writer Jeff Glorfeld looks COVID-19 right in the eye, metaphorically...

    A few Fridays ago I went out for lunch with a vaccinated friend. Isn’t that a sign of the times! I don’t describe him...

    COVID October 6, 2021
  • Focus

    COVID frontline: South Korea and England

    Cosmos is collecting stories about how the world is coping.

    From Tasia Abbatecola, Seoul, South KoreaSouth Korea: first case reported 20 JanuaryCases 10,331; deaths 192 ...

    Features April 10, 2020
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