Cherry-picked COVID-19 statistics

Businessman and former parliamentarian Clive Palmer has put his name to material discouraging people from getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Palmer’s claims about death rates following the administration of vaccines have been extensively dismissed as medically inaccurate, and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) released a statement addressing the assertions as misleading. The difficulty with this kind … Continue reading Cherry-picked COVID-19 statistics

The trends in COVID-19 misinformation

By Jason Weismueller, Paul Harrigan (University of Western Australia), Jacob Shapiro and Jan Oledan (Princeton University) In February, major social media platforms attended a meeting hosted by the World Health Organisation to address coronavirus misinformation. The aim was to catalyse the fight against what the United Nations has called an “infodemic”. Usually, misinformation is focused … Continue reading The trends in COVID-19 misinformation