Odd Jobs: Dr Dog Poo

If anybody knows how to get their hands dirty, it is Emily Bryson, PhD student at Central Queensland University. “I really want, when I graduate, to be known as Dr dog poo,” says Bryson. Asked what her expertise is, she wittily replies: “Maybe canine fecal decompologist, with a horticultural sub-specialty.” Bryson is working on a … Continue reading Odd Jobs: Dr Dog Poo

Animal poo may make food safer

A new study suggests that animal manure (poo) may be a safer bet than conventional fertilisers in protecting the public from food-borne diseases – provided the manure is treated appropriately. Prevailing attitudes in microbial research see animal manure as a danger to public health, and for valid reasons. Notable disease-causing bacteria are associated with animal … Continue reading Animal poo may make food safer