The origins of money

From cowrie shells to native resources and animals, currency in some shape or form has long been a part of human history.  A currency of sorts was first thought to emerge as trade and exchange, with trade being tracked through the archaeological record, starting in the Upper Palaeolithic, when groups of hunters traded the best flint … Continue reading The origins of money

Bones were keepers in Bronze Age Britain

British researchers have uncovered a Bronze Age tradition of retaining and curating human remains as relics over several generations. It’s a first, they say, made possible by radiocarbon dating and CT scanning, and provides a clue to how communities drew upon memory and the past to create their own social identities. There already was evidence … Continue reading Bones were keepers in Bronze Age Britain

From trash to treasure

Scientists have unveiled what they say is the earliest known example of East Asian 3D art after quite literally rescuing it from a scrapheap. While investigating a Palaeolithic archaeological site at Lingjing in Henan, China, they noticed a layer of soil had been dug up to create a well, but the nearby refuse pile had … Continue reading From trash to treasure