australian dinosaur

  • The dinosaur in the coal mine

    Rethinking fossil footprints from an Australian mine.

    Fossil dinosaur footprints found 50 years ago in a Queensland coal mine – and long thought to belong to a massive Tri...

    Palaeontology October 22, 2021
  • Prehistoric dragons flew over Australia

    Savage pterosaur with seven-metre wingspan named.

    Australia’s largest flying pterosaur, which was as fearsome as a dragon and swooped like a magpie, has been named....

    Australia August 9, 2021
  • Meet Australia’s largest dinosaur

    Massive plant-eater from southwest Queensland has just stomped into the record books.

    Palaeontologists have just officially named and described Australia’s biggest dinosaur – Australotitan cooperensis, t...

    Australia June 7, 2021
  • Rare elaphrosaur found in Victoria

    Fossilised bones suggest species more widespread than thought.

    A chance discovery has unearthed an unusual toothless dinosaur that roamed Australia around 110 million years ago – a...

    Animals May 20, 2020
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