animal migration

  • Robins’ eyes may have in-built ‘compass’

    Researchers identify protein in the eye of a robin that’s sensitive to Earth’s magnetic field

    Migratory birds have an uncanny ability to orient themselves, finding their way across sometimes thousands of kilomet...

    Birds June 24, 2021
  • Orange-bellied parrots fly free

    Several successes for the critically endangered migratory parrots – one spotted in historic feedi...

    Bird enthusiasts in South Australia’s Coorong region have just spotted an orange-bellied parrot, and heard another on...

    Australia June 14, 2021
  • Living life in the fast lane

    Migratory animals reproduce earlier and die younger.

    Lots of animals love to travel with the seasons while others prefer to stay at home. But there’s a trade-off, accordi...

    Animals November 18, 2020
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