Ancient Andes, analysed

An international team has conducted what it says is the first in-depth, wide-scale study of the genomic history of ancient civilisations in the central Andes mountains and coast before European contact. The findings, published in the journal Cell, reveal early genetic distinctions between groups in nearby regions, population mixing within and beyond the Andes, surprising genetic continuity … Continue reading Ancient Andes, analysed

The origin of faeces

The archaeological record is littered – aha – with poo, a potential goldmine for insights into ancient health and diet, parasite evolution, and the ecology and evolution of the microbiome. The issue for researchers has always been determining which species’ faeces it is that they’re looking at. Now, a study published in the journal PeerJ and … Continue reading The origin of faeces

Life on Earth later than we thought

A large proportion of the elements essential to the formation of oceans and life – such as water, carbon and nitrogen – only came to Earth very late in its history, researchers have found. Many scientists previously believed that these elements had already been there at the beginning of our planet’s formation. However, the investigations … Continue reading Life on Earth later than we thought