Do you know something that would make a great news story?

Cosmos welcomes pitches and approaches from professional writers, illustrators and photographers worldwide. Email your lead to our editors.

Cosmos Magazine

Outline a pitch of your idea in 300 words or so, include some background on yourself and any examples of work and email it to our editors. Make sure you state right up front what the pitch is about, and why our readers should be interested. It’s best that you do not submit entire finished articles, or send any printed matter by post. Please note that we will only reply if your submission is successful.

Photographers and illustrators

Would you like to be considered for publication in Cosmos? Send a link to your website or at least six examples of your work in PDF format to our Art Director.

Cosmos Weekly submissions

Outline a pitch of your idea in a few paragraphs and email it to our editors. Don’t submit finished articles. If your pitch isn’t successful we may not have time to reply – but don’t let that stop you from pitching again.

Reviews of books, films, theatre, apps and DVDs

To have an item considered for review by Cosmos, please email reviews or send it to the postal address below.

Cosmos Reviews Editor
PO Box 3652, Rundle Mall SA 5000, Australia

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