Your chance to meet Buzz Aldrin and discuss his ideas for a mission to Mars

NASA is going to Mars, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin couldn’t be happier about it.

But the Apollo 11 moonwalker also has some very clear ideas about how the mission should be carried out.

Aldrin supports robotic missions as prudent preparatory steps to human settlement on Mars. He advocates progressive steps to Mars using Mars’ moon Phobos as a staging post from which to prepare the landing site and habitats with remote-controlled robots.

Buzz’s lays out his plan in a visionary book, Mission to Mars, which is also a passionate case for the adventure. In November he will be in Australia to tell us more in a Live on Stage event partnered with Cosmos

“Going to Mars would evolve humankind into a two-planet species,” the Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 veteran says. 

To mark Buzz’s visit, Cosmos has launched a competition with winners meeting the astronaut.

Click here to enter.

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