Blog Space 25 September 2014

Nasa's Curiosity Rover tweets a welcome message to India Mangalyaan

NASA's Curiosity Rover has welcomed India's Mangalyaan probe to Mars, trying out its Hindi in a tweet as it congratulated India on its first interplanetary mission.

"Namaste @MarsOrbiter", the US vehicle tweeted.

"Howdy @MarsCuriosity Keep in touch. I'll be around.", Mangalyaan replied.

Curiosity, has been on the Mars surface for two years. The latest US satellite, Maven, arrived in Mars orbit on Monday.

India is only the fourth nation or group of countries to send a probe to Mars after the US, Russia and Europe. But India succeeded on its first attempt something the Americans, the Russians and the Europeans failed to do.

Previous coverage of Mangalyaan here and here and of Maven's arrival here.

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