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Mission accomplished! India's Mangalyaan enters Mars orbit

Mission profile for Mangalyaan which today entered Mars orbit
India has passed an historic milestone with its Mars spacecraft slipping into orbit around the Red Planet on schedule.

The Mars Orbiter Mission - better known by its informal title Mangalyaan – is India's first interplanetary mission.

Until now the Indian Space and Research Organisation has focused on launch Earth-orbit communications satellites.

Today's mission saw Mangalyaan manoeuvre the spacecraft and slow its speed through a 24-minute engine burn.

It came just days after NASA's its Maven craft entered Mars orbit with a scientific mission to establish how Mars went from a warm, wet planet to a cold dry one.

Mangalyaan was launched on 5 November last year from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The $74 million mission had only been approved by the Indian government in August 2012 and so taking just 15 months preparation.

The orbiter carries five scientific payloads to observe Martian surface, atmosphere and exosphere extending up to 80,000 km for a detailed understanding of the evolution of that planet.

Previous coverage of the Mangalyaan mission and more pictures here.

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