Space Exploration

  • How rockets and boosters work

    Where does this power come from?

    Three, two, one, liftoff! A spacecraft blasts from the launch pad, propelled by the massive thrust generated by its r...

    Technology January 31, 2017
  • How do spacesuits keep astronauts safe?

    The freezing cold, micrometeorites and radiation make space dangerous.

    When it’s time to venture outside, astronauts on the international space station first don one of two types of spaces...

    Technology December 21, 2016
  • The Buzz about Mars

    Apollo veteran Buzz Aldrin is a Mars mission enthusiast.

    Astronaut and author Buzz Aldrin had hardly settled back on Earth in 1969 when he was advocating expanding the space ...

    Space Exploration November 23, 2015
  • All set for our first comet landing

    It may answers some questions about the origins of our solar system.

    For an event intended to celebrate a scientific milestone, the January gathering inside the European Space Agency’s c...

    Space April 7, 2014
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