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10 of the best photos from the total solar eclipse

On 21 August 2017 a much-anticipated total solar eclipse swept across the United States. Tens of millions of people swarmed into the path of totality to catch a glimpse of this rare and awe-inspiring astronomical event. Most of them carried cameras to record what might be the most-photographed eclipse in history.

Below are a handful of the best images, taken from the ground and from the skies.

The Sun is obscured entirely by the Moon, with only the corona visible, seen from Madras, Oregon.
Rob Kerr / Getty

Bailey’s beads: tiny, uneven spots of light appear as light shines through bumps and irregularities in the terrain of the Moon.
NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

Darkness at noon: eclipse-watchers gather near Alliance, Nebraska.
RJ Sangosti / Getty

Staring at the Sun: eclipse watchers in Menan, Idaho.
Natalie Behring / Getty

Composite image showing the progress of the eclipse through the sky over Ross Lake, Washington.
Bill Ingalis / NASA

The shadow of the moon as seen by the GOES-16 satellite.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has its view of the Sun partially blocked by the Moon in this ultraviolet image.

The International Space Station drifts across the face of the Sun during the partial solar eclipse visible from Ross Lake, Washington.
NASA / Bill Ingalis

The view from the ISS.